Posted by: Sameer | April 10, 2008

No no, Google has not brought Yahoo nor is the vice-versa true. One of my friend typed this URL instead of I saw this and corrected him…. or rather the URL 🙂

But just imagine if you have to type this URL to check mails. I actually tried it but it shows “Address Not Found” very unlike the URL which takes you to the site 🙂



  1. i totally just accidentally did this just now

  2. same here..and this page came up on google.

  3. yup google took me here, forgot waht email I was checking haha

  4. I type every morning when I get into work because I can’t think in the mornings, apparently.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  5. I just did the same thing. I’m glad there is a site for we who can’t decided what email we want to check

  6. one for all- all for one

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